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02 March 2010 @ 09:35 pm
LAST DAY of my tasky thing for 101in365!!!!!  
YESSSSSSS! VICTORYYYYYY! I have done it. Now I can forget about updating my blog EVERY day (: And worrying when I forget :) But now, another of my 101in365 challenges is to write in my diary every day for at least 3 WEEKS. That's alright though because I can do that anywhere :) I'm gonna go now, and get ready for bed. I'm gonna read as much of the Richard Hammond book as I can 8) OOH, My mum bought me Lola Rose from ebay. Now I can read that again aswell, thats one of my favourite books :D Thanks mummy!
Current Location: Bedroomy (:
Current Mood: happyhappy