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It only takes one tree
To make a thousand matches,
It only takes one match
To burn a thousand trees.


Because me and Emily have won the award for the V Factor Best Act of 2010 for Torfaen (you may or may not know about that), Mr Brenton rung my mum and told her than he was stunned with our performance and that someone from a newspaper rung him to ask our permission for us to do an interview for the paper and for us to have photos taken for it! Is this the start of our career? ;D I'M SO EXCITED :O

It's like we've won an Oscar already, haha. Our award is amazing. It's so beautiful ^_^ :D Ahahahaaa.

That's all I have to say, really.

Except one last thing:
Matt Smith

Links :)

Stereophonics - 'Summer In The City' Concert in the new Cardiff City Stadium!
I'm going here in Juuuune! 20 DAYS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teenage Cancer Trust 'Rock Your Shades' Campaign - selling celebrities sunglasses!
This is cool - look at some of the prices. Scroll down and you will see Kelly Jones's glasses which are currently £580...... then directly underneath there's JLS's glasses which are currently £68. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Suck on that, JLS!!

Signed Kelly Jones Rayban Sunglasses TCT
There are his glasses. I want them. I just have to save up about £600 in under 5 hours. Hmmmmm.

That's it for links for now. If I think of more awesome or amazing links, I'll post them :) Byeeeee :)
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Damn it. DAMN IT.

Stupid Brazilian McFly fans have managed to hack into a McFly secret email account and leaked out their songs that are going onto their new album. They're on YouTube - and, there's no other way to put this but... well, I hope they're not the finished, final songs because - ermmmmm... in other words, they're rubbish. They've tried to make themselves more mainsteam to get more fans, that's what it looks like anyway - they've made their sound more poppish or RnBish and I hate it. GODDDD I really hope they get better before the songs go onto the album - otherwise I won't see the point in buying it if I don't like the songs. I probably will anyway but... arrrgh I don't know :/

More information about the McFly leaks:

I'm so annoyed. I never thought I would be saying any of this about McFly :/
Doctor Who

Sorry I haven't written since March :/

I haven't written for AGES. For almost 2 moths. I suppose I just went on holiday, away from Blogging Island. Hmmm.

Soo, so much has happened since I wrote last, on MARCH 2ND. There's been..
  • Grease performances :O (AGES AGO)
  • Doctor Who changes (A LOT)
  • Too many science exams coming up this month and next month
  • Someone new to fancy (I have to admit it.)
  • Breaking Dawn!
  • Dumb-ass eye drops
  • Countdown to Stereophonics, Holiday, Christmas and Birthday
  • Work experience planning
I think that'll be enough to talk about it one blog post...

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That's all now. I need to save it because I typed most of this yesterday, and clicked back because I am VERY stupid, and this luckily saved in drafts, so I better actually save it this time. Byebye.
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LAST DAY of my tasky thing for 101in365!!!!!

YESSSSSSS! VICTORYYYYYY! I have done it. Now I can forget about updating my blog EVERY day (: And worrying when I forget :) But now, another of my 101in365 challenges is to write in my diary every day for at least 3 WEEKS. That's alright though because I can do that anywhere :) I'm gonna go now, and get ready for bed. I'm gonna read as much of the Richard Hammond book as I can 8) OOH, My mum bought me Lola Rose from ebay. Now I can read that again aswell, thats one of my favourite books :D Thanks mummy!